Blockchain Infrastructure

Research Areas

  • DevOps optimization
  • Ethereum node operation
  • Protocol validation


Blockchain infrastructure consists of the software and server-side components required to participate in the operation of blockchains, like Ethereum, and protocols running on top of blockchains, like The Graph. Semiotic Labs recognizes that practical expertise in blockchain infrastructure is a prerequisite to deeply understanding and predicting research challenges facing blockchains and their protocols. Building and maintaining practical blockchain infrastructure expertise enable us to deliver useful solutions and discover new products.

Current work

Our DEX aggregator protocol, Odos, has heavy server-side requirements that we continuously optimize. You can swap on Odos using this link. We also operate a competitive Indexer in The Graph protocol with top quality of service. You can delegate to our Indexer using this link. Finally, we operate two Ethereum nodes in Rocket Pool, which is a staking protocol rewarding high uptime and decentralization.

Blockchain Infrastructure Team

Alexis Asseman

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Kai Wetlesen

Senior DevOps Engineer

Tümay Tuzcu

Senior Software Development Engineer

Alex Norell

Senior DevOps Engineer


Automated Query Pricing in The Graph

Indexers​ in The Graph have control over the pricing of the GraphQL queries they serve based on their shape. For this task, The Graph created a domain-specific language called Agora​ that maps query shapes to prices in GRT. However, manually populating and updating Agora models for each subgraph is a tedious task, and as a consequence most indexers default to a static, flat pricing model.

To help indexers with pricing in the relative resource cost of serving different query shapes, as well as following the query market price, we are developing AutoAgora, an automation tool that automatically creates and updates Agora models.

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