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An Overview of Automatic Market Maker Mechanisms

This article explores the principles and mechanisms behind the many popular Automatic Market Maker designs currently used in production. While the mathematical details of these designs are fascinating in their own right, this article seeks to instead focus on graphical representations and high level concepts, allowing for a more approachable and exhaustive exploration of the space.

Indexer Allocation Optimization: Part I

Indexers within The Graph Protocol are rewarded via an indexing reward. How can indexers optimise their allocations so as to maximise the reward they receive? In this blog post we formalise the problem in terms of a reward function and use convex optimization to find a solution.

Automated Query Pricing in The Graph

Indexers​ in The Graph have control over the pricing of the GraphQL queries they serve based on their shape. For this task, The Graph created a domain-specific language called Agora​ that maps query shapes to prices in GRT. However, manually populating and updating Agora models for each subgraph is a tedious task, and as a consequence most indexers default to a static, flat pricing model.

To help indexers with pricing in the relative resource cost of serving different query shapes, as well as following the query market price, we are developing AutoAgora, an automation tool that automatically creates and updates Agora models.

Introduction to the Sum-Check Protocol

It’s expensive to run transactions on the Ethereum EVM. Verifiable computing lets us outsource computing away from the EVM. The sum-check protocol is a good algorithm to get your feet wet with understanding verifiable computing. This is a tutorial on the sum-check protocol.

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