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Semiotic Labs is a Silicon Valley startup with a track record in productizing R&D. We build innovative products that provide a fantastic experience for web3. We focus on three areas:

Cryptography, Ai & Optimization, Blockchain infrastructure

what we build

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R&D Core Developers in the graph protocol

We are R&D core developers in The Graph protocol. As core developers, we build tools to improve the efficiency, security, and usability of The Graph’s query market.

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Our first product Odos

Odos is a bleeding-edge smart order routing technology for digital assets of all kinds. Having processed over $25 billion in trading volume in its first two years and onboarding more than 1.5 million users, Odos delivers users best-in-class exchange rates and savings across 9+ EVM chains. Odos is now spun out from Semiotic to continue its meteoric growth. Swap on Odos today at!


Our vision is that blockchain-based web3 will serve as the foundation for a new decentralized digital economy that is more open, efficient, and accessible.

  • bullet Solving real problems
  • bullet Innovation at the core
  • bullet Urgency and focus
  • bullet Integrity and respect

Semiotic Labs was founded in Los Altos, California, in February 2020. Before starting the company, Ahmet Ozcan (CEO) managed the Machine Intelligence department at IBM Research, Almaden; Alexis Asseman (Lead Developer) investigated AI hardware acceleration at IBM Research; and Sam Green (Head of Research) was finishing his Computer Science Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

From the beginning, Semiotic Labs has created products that combine AI and cryptography. Initially, we focused on Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), a family of techniques that enables computing directly on encrypted data. We experienced initial success with an NSF SBIR Phase I to use our technology to accelerate FHE. After our first year, we pivoted into web3, where we found greater demand for our AI and cryptography skills within The Graph protocol and became long-term core developers.

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Join our mission of making on-chain data more accessible. This is an opportunity to get in early and help shape the future of web3.