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Semiotic Logo

We fuse our artificial intelligence and cryptography expertise to engineer solutions that radically improve web3 accessibility and scalability.

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The Graph protocol makes it easy to organize and query on-chain data. For example, The Graph provides all the price data at

We have applied our R&D background to bring three new services to The Graph: high-performance analytics queries, decentralized AI models, and zk-coprocessing.

initial focus

Bring SQL to The Graph, making it simple for analytics dapps to extract more profound insights.


Bring zk-coprocessing to The Graph, paving the way for verifiable AI.

Next phase

We will bring verifiable AI to The Graph. Decentralized AI agent applications will use The Graph’s extensive cross-chain data for optimal on-chain actions.

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Verifiable Computing

We build systems using cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs.

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Swift Data Access

We use our enterprise database expertise to provide you with the fastest time-to-data

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AI x Crypto

Semiotic pioneered the use of AI agents for automated decision-making in crypto.

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The Graph Harmony

Tight integration with The Graph ecosystem

our 2023 & 2024 strategy
2023 strategy Building out The Graph
Scalar TAP

Proposed, designed, and shipped Scalar TAP, The Graph’s next-generation micropayment system to process and secure the funds for billions of transactions.

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Verifiable Firehose & EIP-4444

Verifiable Firehose enables The Graph's Indexers to solve the Ethereum "state expiry"problem.

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A natural language tool to improve access to blockchain data which also gave us the expertise and insight to advocate for and design the SQL data service.

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2024 strategy Growing Demand
Grow The Graph’s market share & profit

We will design and launch The Graph's SQL data service & studio. This will enable developers to build many new analytics tools on The Graph.

Develop new AI and ZK services

Create MVPs for The Graph’s AI and zk-coprocessing data services. We will marry these two services to make The Graph the leader in verifiable AI.

Continue to support our existing products

We will continue to support previous tools we have delivered, including The Graph's micropayment solution (TAP) and automation tools that Indexers use to increase their profit.

Engage in The Graph’s protocol design

We will engage in protocol design discussions with other Core Developers.

We aim to

increase queries

add new data services

build more

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Join our mission of making on-chain data more accessible. This is an opportunity to get in early and help shape the future of web3.